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Hi there! My name is Tanner Ellison. I am a 3D/CG artist working in games, virtual reality, and television living and working in downtown Seattle, WA. with over 10 years experience creating award winning "AAA" content for a variety of platforms, mediums, and companies. I have been an avid gamer and cinephile my entire life and always dreamed of one day helping to tell those stories and build those worlds. Through dedicated hard work and curiosity, I have built a large skill set and a deep familiarity with many tools that allows me to work on almost any part of a game/CG pipeline, including lighting, rendering, sculpting, modeling, UVing, baking and authoring textures, concept design, managing and mentoring other artists, etc.

In my time in games and game development, I directly contributed in-engine art to 15 released games and am credited for art direction in several of them. I most recently spent 5 years helping spearhead an interactive initiative/team at HBO where we explored nascent technologies and techniques inside the interactive and linear entertainment spheres. While many of our projects remain secret, some of our public releases were exceptionally well received, including Westworld VR. That project garnered me and our scrappy little skunkworks team a Primetime Emmy for Creative Excellence in 2017! Projects at HBO afforded me the opportunity to work directly with IP stakeholders including writers, directors and showrunners for some of HBO's most prestigious properties.

When I am not pushing triangles around or pinching pixels, I focus a lot of time on music and photography. Every Saturday night, I host, DJ, and produce Seek & Destroy, a weekly live specialty radio show. The show streams and is broadcast from KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle, one of the worlds most influential listener-supported radio stations. Each week, I curate a show of meticulously researched artists and niche communities from around the globe with a focus on championing artists that are not generally in the spotlight of more commercial media outlets. I created the show over 10 years ago and have loved every minute of it! Being so entrenched in the music community has led me to push my interests in photography into a focus on concert and band photography from the many shows and festivals I attend around the world.


A small sample of my work at HBO where I was a Senior Lead Artist on the Interactive and Immersive Experiences team.

Personal Work

I am constantly creating new personal artwork and trying to learn new things. Here are some recent obsessions.

Game Development

Some select screenshots from my time as a lighting artist, character artist, and environment artist in games.


Some of my favorite artwork from my time at HBO. Much of this work was in collaboration with my dear friends and colleagues on the Interactive and Immersive Experiences team. Credits and responsibilities in the descriptions.

Personal Work

A small sample of recent personal 3D/CG artwork from the last couple months that reflects some of my interests.

Game Development

A small sample of my art contribution to the many games I have been fortunate to work on throughout my career. Many of these scenes were a collaborative effort, credit and responsibilities listed in the descriptions.

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